The most reliable option for starting an investment business

The Classic

Contract For Difference – contracts for differences in the prices of underlying assets, such as shares of companies, commodities, currency pairs, futures, metals, etc. A company trading such contracts is a win-win option for creating a business.

Stable flow of customers

CFD is always a sought-after activity, which even in times of crisis continues to attract people from all over the world to try their hand at making a profit

Continuous income

Since you will always have customers, so will your profit, and thanks to the specifics of CFD-contracts it will be even greater, because in this case, all losses of users quite legitimately will go to the budget of the company

Always pays off

Investing in the creation of a CFD-company, you can be confident that this business will pay off and very soon will begin to bring incredible profits, if, of course, you approach the opening of the company competently

Space for development

Providing an opportunity to trade CFD contracts opens a very wide field for development, for example, it is possible to connect thousands of interesting underlying assets, which are not available on other platforms

It's solid

Unlike other areas of financial services, the CFD-company’s activities have the best reputation, because it is not customary to conduct any fraud schemes, everything is open and transparent

There is trust

Since the activity is quite transparent, users tend to trust such companies much more, which significantly increases the opportunities to attract new customers

We offer a turnkey CFD-company solution

Brand opening

Registering a company in an offshore zone


Creating a website

Developing a user-friendly interface



Quality trading platform


User-friendly Crm

Developing a user-friendly interface


Connecting psp-systems

We will help you to organize payment acceptance


Technical staff

Provide the company with competent specialists


Legal support

We fully assume the legal side



With the ability to integrate into the CRM



Provide a steady stream of new customers



Create a positive image of your brand online