User-friendly CRM system for company management

Make your business more efficient with the leading CRM system on the market

Customer base

Quality control and effective management of customer databases:


All data about your customers are collected in convenient tables that can be sorted and filtered by any parameters

Search by Client

You can quickly find the client you are interested in and get all the information by searching

Easy communication

It is possible to call, write to e-mail directly from the CRM table

Quick answer

All the tickets written by traders are displayed immediately, so you can respond instantly

Online Chat

Ability to communicate with customers via online chat


Since the activity is quite transparent, users tend to trust such companies much more, which significantly increases the opportunities to attract new customers

Employees and partners

Your employees are also registered with CRM, and you can follow their work in a separate section where they describe the results of communication with clients

Detailed statistics on the success and time of work of employees are kept

A separate section where you keep track of your partners who attract new customers

Company analysis

CRM maintains detailed statistics on a variety of parameters, from the overall profitability of the company to the success of activities in certain countries and territories. This is a very useful tool that allows you to significantly improve the profitability of the company, eliminating unprofitable activities and strengthening more successful ones.